Download Stable Instant Messaging System Freeware

EverQuest Instant Messaging System  v.1.0

Tired of that lousy EQIM crashing all the time? Sick of losing your buddy list because you tried to add a new buddy? I'm told these things are quite annoying. So let's see what we can do about it!

Instant Messaging For Education  v.1.0

IM4Edu is a system of Instant Messaging (Client's And Server) for educational web based application, based in Jabber Protocol. The server is Jabber2 Modiffied for educational protocol, and Clients are Flash Based, in the Future should be Laszlo ...

PICI Network Messaging System  v.06

The PICI Network Messaging System is a message oriented middleware with the goal to provide a transparent layer which allows the sending and receiving of messages between different apps by a "subscribe/publish" mechanism. C++ API and runtime.

Second Life Cross Sim Messaging System  v.rc

Second Life Cross Sim Messaging System utilizes the Google App Engine to as the medium to send/receive and persist messages to allow prim/script communication across

Nimc Instant Messaging Suite  v.0.0.5

NiMC provides an Instant Messaging server and client that runs on a custom protocol that is implemented in python. The project was written as a learning experiment by its author, to get experience with TCP/IP. Great example of how to do TCP/IP wrong

Gimec Instant Messaging and Email Client  v.1.0

The program will provide integrated email and instant messaging for the Gnome desktop environment.

Build Process Messaging System (BPMS)  v.1.0

BPMS stands for 'Build Process Messaging System' and contains both a framework for XML-based messages and a set of tools for different build tools so send progress information over different protocols. First planned for implementation is ...

Instant Diagnose System  v.1.5.0

SDI is a simple and scalable system to Diagnose Instantly huge (and small) networks. It provides a way to run diagnose scripts at hosts or any other kind of script [such as a DEE], also creates a webpage containing all informations

Java-Jabber Instant Messaging Clnt-Srvr  v.1.0

Our project is an instant messenger developed in Java, using Jabber protocol. Its being made as a project for Software Engineering at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid by 20 students.

Secure Instant Messenging System  v.1.0

The 'secims' project intends to implement many2many secure group communication as a plugin to Gaim instant messenger.

Java EMail Server and Messaging System  v.0.1

JEM is an SMTP server with pluggable components that let youprocess email in any way you like. It can also extend beyondemails into generalised message processing (like JMS) and caneven generate its own messages based on a Cron-like

Simple Messaging System  v.beta.0.5.00

Provides a framework to allow multiple components of a program communicate through a singular interface.

JXTA Instant Messenger  v.0.1i

JXTA Instant Messenger (JIM) aims to establish a server-free instant messaging system with various options.

J!com  v.1.beta3

j!com is a secure instant messaging system, featuring a classical AIM-like interface, and providing AES encryption for conversations and

Jctalk  v.1.0

This project is to develop an instant messaging system that is able to monitor and control home appliances. It is based on Java and Smack library for XMPP. We are changing user interfaces and enhancing usability. We hope to release new version in 10

Mancala Online  v.1.0

Mancala Online is a Java based Implementation of the ancient african board game mancala. For its Online-capability Mancala uses the Jabber Instant Messaging System and

EJab  v.1.0

EJab is a client for the Jabber ( open standards instant messaging system which is written in Emacs Lisp and runs inside Emacs.

Jiim  v.1.0

Jiim is a Web-based Instant Messaging system that overcomes the language barrier, letting you read and type in your mother tongue.

DirectNet for Linux  v.2.0a9

DirectNet is a serverless instant messaging system.

Instant Messenger Software  v.2.0

Instant messaging (IM) is a form of live text messages between two or more people. This software is made to reduce phone support internally in an organization. It can be used in offices where staff is using their personal computer or any other device

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