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  • Gimec Instant Messaging and Email Client  v.1.0The program will provide integrated email and instant messaging for the Gnome desktop environment.
  • Build Process Messaging System (BPMS)  v.1.0BPMS stands for 'Build Process Messaging System' and contains both a framework for XML-based messages and a set of tools for different build tools so send progress information over different protocols. First planned for implementation is ...
  • Multi User Messaging System  v. (Multi User Messaging System) is a program that allows for users of the same computer at different times to message with each other.
  • BigAnt Office Instant Messaging Server  v.2.82BigAnt corporate messaging server for business communication.
  • Pocket PC Instant Messaging Software  v. group messaging utility provides excellent way to broadcast text sms from Pocket PC/PDA device to other mobile phone at all national or international mobile network without any internet connection or hardware device. Pocket PC to Mobile ...
  • Instant Diagnose System  v.1.5.0SDI is a simple and scalable system to Diagnose Instantly huge (and small) networks. It provides a way to run diagnose scripts at hosts or any other kind of script [such as a DEE], also creates a webpage containing all informations ...
  • Java-Jabber Instant Messaging Clnt-Srvr  v.1.0Our project is an instant messenger developed in Java, using Jabber protocol. Its being made as a project for Software Engineering at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid by 20 students.
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